Orange County Chin & Cheek ImplantCheek implants/cheek augmentation is the procedure that enhances the person’s cheekbone. This cosmetic procedure creates a more prominent cheekbone structure where an implant is place atop the cheekbone. Chin implant is the procedure in which an implant is inserted over the entire chin area to enhance the contour of the chin area which in turn can improve the neck as well as the facial components such as nose. Chin implant in patients with small retrusive chin not only restore facial harmony, it can improve the submental area under the chin and the neck.

There are different types of implants and varieties of shapes and sizes. Soft-solid silicone implants are the most common chin implants used. They usually extend from one side of the chin to the other, enveloping the entire chin area. This cosmetic procedure is performed under sedation or general anesthesia. Also, recovery times range from two to three days but the swelling may take several weeks to completely resolve. Both cheek and chin implants can be placed through small incisions inside the month. The chin implants is also placed from the outside through a small incision under the chin.

Dr. Tavoussi is able to have this procedure done with minimal scaring on the face. There are a few option on where the incision can be made. A consultation with Dr. Tavoussi, who is Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, will determine the best, personalized, solution.