Los Angeles OtoplastyProminent, protruding ears are fairly common, and all too often are incorrectly associated with lesser intelligence. This frequently results in school age teasing and limits the way that girls and women feel comfortable wearing their hair. Otoplasty provides for more normal appearing, better proportioned ears, and can be performed at any time after the age of five or six – when ear growth is almost complete.

Otoplasty is performed as an outpatient office procedure, either under general anesthesia with children or IV sedation and local anesthesia with adults. Incisions are made only behind the ears, to remove excess skin and to expose the ear cartilage. Sutures then reshape the cartilage and restore the central fold of the ear. The incisions made behind the ears are carefully closed so that any faint scars are concealed in the creases of the back of the ears.

  • Otoplasty brings better shaped ears closer to the head
  • A terry cloth tennis headband is worn as a dressing for the first week.
  • Patients are usually comfortable with the appearance of their new ears within 10-14 days.