Orange County Ethnic RhinoplastyThe Ethnic rhinoplasty which in the U.S.A. involves African-American Rhinoplasty, Asian Rhinoplasty, Hispanic Rhinoplasty, Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty or any other related rhinoplasties, carries its own set of unique problems which require a considerably different approach as compared to a non-Ethnic rhinoplasty. These noses are the most complex structures that do not respond to common techniques used in western rhinoplasty. Mixture of thick skin with increased sebaceous tissues as well as wide nasal base, extremely high or low dorsum, wide nasal base and flared nostrils are some of the findings in ethnic noses that require novel techniques and experienced surgeon to achieve a good result. Most of these patients seek a cosmetic improvement that still respects and preserves their ethnicity.

 Ethnic Rhinoplasty Outline

  • African American, Hispanic & Asian Anatomy
  • Preoperative Nasal Evaluation & Surgical Planning
  • Surgical Techniques
  • Post-operative Nasal Care & Instructions
  • Risks & Complications
  • Results

Some ethnicities have nasal characteristics that are unique to their race. The differences in the way certain Ethnic characteristics of the nose such as African American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, or Asian determines the unique method and techniques used by Dr. Tavoussi in OC Cosmetic Surgery Clinique. Because people of different ethnicities often have noses with distinct characteristics, Ethnic Rhinoplasty needs a highly individualized approach.

What does Ethnic Rhinoplasty Involve?

Like other forms of rhinoplasty, Ethnic Rhinoplasty is successfully accomplished by removing or reshaping the cartilage and bone beneath the skin. In some cases, cartilage grafts are added to help remodel the structure of the nose and enhance its overall appearance. The changes may be dramatic, depending on the needs and desires of each patient. Common techniques used in Ethnic Rhinoplasty include augmentation (building up) of the nasal bridge, lengthening and refining the tip of the nose, and narrowing the base of the nostrils. These techniques can be used to improve the appearance of African-American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and Asian noses, while respecting and maintaining the patient’s Ethnic heritage.

People of Ethnic backgrounds want a attractive looking nose without weakening their cultural background and heritage. It is typical for people of all races to want a change of appearance in their nose. Everyone regardless of faith or nationality wants a symmetrical, pleasing looking nose that fits their face and skin type. Some of the common problems we have dealt with while improving the nasal appearance of many people Ethnic or not are; a wide or flat bridge on the nose, a hump or ridge on the nose, a drooping tip of the nose and a more refined symmetrical womanly look for females. Like any other nose job or rhinoplasty procedure, the goal is:

“To re-shape the nose by altering the cartilage and bone of the nose, while taking care to not cause any undo scarring or give an operated look to the nose.”

Dr.Tavoussi has invented numerous technique for refining ethic noses. His ART ™ rhinoplasty is a novel and unique technique for large, wide nose with a bulbous tip. Dr. Tavoussi recently lectured on this technique at the prestigious The Rhinoplasty Society to the international group of expert rhinoplasty surgeons from around the globe. This technique allows reduction of the wide nose without detectible scars. The results of an Ethnic rhinoplasty surgical procedure can be as good as any other primary rhinoplasty procedure. Every nose and procedure is slightly different therefore each operation and result will be unique. If you are looking for a leader and skilled and honest in the ethnic rhinoplasty field, contact Dr. Tavoussi and OC Cosmetic Surgery Clinique for an appointment at 866-503-3223.