Post-Bariatric Surgery Procedure

We place a pain-pump into the wounds to continually deliver numbing medicine such as lidocaine for the first 3-4 days. This will result in relatively pain-free postoperative period. Patient continue to supplement this with oral pain medicine. There are often two to three drains which are usually removed after the total drainage has reached 25 cc in 24 hours. In a majority of centers throughout the U.S.A., these procedures are done in a hospital with several days of inpatient stay. We have performed these procedures, whether they are single or combined, as an outpatient procedure with excellent results.

Lower Body Lift Standard Procedure Techniques

Lower Body Lift surgery involves removing a circumferential wedge of tissue. In the front the procedure involves removing the hanging apron of skin and fat and tightening up the underlying muscle wall, which is very similar to what is accomplished in a tummy tuck. To remove the excess tissues located in the back and sides the patient has to be turned in the operating room to allow for exposure of these areas. Liposuction of the thighs is often performed at the same time. The final scar has a similar shape to a “thong bikini” for most surgeons.

  • Elimination of the hanging apron
  • Flattening of the belly
  • Pulling up the droopy pubic region
  • Creation of a waist
  • Lifting the thighs
  • Lifting and defining the buttocks

We believe, in the out patient setting, the patient is NOT in contact with hospital-born infection, they are walking on the night of surgery and being with family and friends, faster and less complicated recovery is achieved.

Because any surgical procedure carries certain risks and possible complications, you should discuss the procedure in detail with Dr.Tavoussi. After surgery, most people return to their jobs in three weeks. The results of body lift are usually long lasting if you keep your weight under control and exercise.