Buttock Augmentation Procedure

Buttocks Augmentation can also be done with implants. This is a very delicate procedure requiring a special expertise by the surgeon to achieve a good result.There are certain fine touches needed in buttocks augmentation as in other cosmetic surgery, to have an excellent result. For example, the incision for buttocks augmentation has been placed on  top with visible scars, at the bottom, again with visible scars, and in the buttocks fold.

The latter has been done through two incisions next to each other and finally through one incision which is what Dr. Tavoussi does. This will give a small incision that well hidden in the intergluteal fold. The fold needs to be reconstructed at the end to hide the scar. There are varieties of buttocks implants and all of them are made with soft silicone of different sizes and shapes. Dr. Tavoussi makes one small incision in the buttocks fold and through that a pocket is developed between the gluteal muscle, which is the thickest muscle of the body. This way, the implant is well protected on both side with muscle layer which give buttocks a more natural look without edges of implants showing or buttocks eventually becoming droopy as may happen when the implants are placed under the buttocks skin.

Another advantage of the intermuscular placement of the buttocks implants is protection of the sciatic nerve that goes down under the gluteus maximus muscle. With intermuscular placement, the sciatic nerve is well protected. The buttock is made of fat, skin, muscle. The shape of the butt depends on the person’s framework and the bone structure. However, its major volume and definition comes from fat. It is how this fat is distributed that will make the difference between an attractive, and a not so attractive one.We will explain only the evaluation of the buttock shape.

Please remember that there are other variable that need to be taken into account before making any determinations (size, shape, and skin quality When evaluating the shape of the buttock) , it is best to divide the anatomy into three sections; the upper-buttock, the mid-buttock and the lower-buttock. Each of which needs to be evaluated and addressed independently to get the best shape and anatomy.

Which one is the best for me? Fat Transfer or Implants?

This is one the most frequently asked questions by the patients who are seeking buttocks augmentation and the answer is:

It depends on the patient’s anatomy and desire. If patient has adequate fat around her body that can be used for transfer and be able to achieve the desired enhancement of the buttocks, then fat transfer is an option.

There is some limitation in fat transfer, since one cannot transfer too much fat in one session and if patient wants a really large buttock, then implant may be a better choice. The good thing about implants, whether used in cheeks, chin, breasts or buttocks, are  hey produce the desire enlargement without limitation in size. With fat transfer or fat injection or stem cell injection, only certain amount can be transferred in one session since fat cells will need adequate blood supply to take and survive.

In our practice, patient who are having liposuction or liposculpture surgery tend to want to do something with the suctioned fat and usually want them to be transferred to other parts of their body including buttocks and face. Those who are thin or want much larger  buttocks, choose implants. During the consultation, we will provide you with sizes to check how much augmentation you desire. This is the same thing we do with breast augmentation patients. The patients are active participant in their care including the choice of the implant size.