Post-Operative Care Things to to be cautious about After Surgery

To further decrease the chances of bleeding and swelling, your doctor may ask that you follow these precautions for several weeks after surgery:

  • Avoid strenuous activities such as aerobics and jogging.
  • Don’t swim.
  • Don’t blow your nose.
  • Avoid foods that require heavy chewing.
  • Avoid large facial expressions, such as smiling or laughing.
  • Brush your teeth gently to limit movement of your upper lip.
  • Wear clothes that fasten in the front; don’t pull clothing, such as shirts or sweaters, over your head.
  • In addition, don’t rest eyeglasses or sunglasses on your nose for at least four weeks after the surgery, to prevent pressure on your nose. You can use cheek rests, or tape the glasses to your forehead until your nose has healed.

Also, avoid exposing your skin to the sun for two to three months after surgery. Too much sun may cause permanent irregular discoloration in the skin of your nose. Some temporary swelling, black-and-blue discoloration of your eyelids and numbness  can occur for two to three weeks after nasal surgery. Rarely, this may last up to six months, and subtle swelling may take a year to resolve entirely. Ice packs or cold compresses can help reduce swelling and discoloration around your eyes. Because of the slow healing process, you might not see the final results of your surgery for up to a year.