Consulting with Dr. Tavoussi about the Facelift Procedure

Facelift Surgery is one of many cosmetic surgery procedures Dr.Tavoussi performs. It is a very satisfying procedure because the results are quite dramatic and the effect it usually has on the patients is deep. During your consultation, Dr.Tavoussi will take digital photographs of your face and nose from multiple directions. He will examine and evaluate your nose so you can show him simply which part exactly it is that bothers you. Then, he will digitally alter the pictures of your nose to show what you will likely achieve by having rhinoplasty.

He will use one of the most advanced method in 3-D simulation which gives you the final result of your face after you surgery so you could judge the results and make some changes in necessary before you go under the knife. This is a very powerful tool as it helps a lot exactly what you are looking to achieve.You should also note that no result can be guaranteed but Dr. Tavoussi tries to achieve the closest to that if not the exact one.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Tavoussi will evaluate the structure of your body and discuss the possibilities for enhancement with you. Dr. Tavoussi will also explain some factors that can influence the procedure and results. These factors include the structure of your body bones, the shape of your body, the thickness of your skin, your age, and your expectations. Be sure to tell Dr. Tavoussi if you have had any previous surgery or an injury to your body. You should also inform Dr. Tavoussi if you have any allergies or breathing difficulties, if you are taking any medications, vitamins, or recreational drugs and if you smoke.