“I like them, I love them. They look good. They are firmer and prettier. Have it done, especially if it looked like mine did. Make sure it is what you really want to do, it is what I wanted. It has to be something you really want. The experience was worthwhile, I am very happy with my new breasts. They look better, they feel better. I look better in cloths and feel more confident now. I am just happy with them now.

Dr. Tavoussi was perfect and my procedure went not only according to plan, I knew from the beginning that what I was going to look like after the surgery. He is the best and his staff are kind and nice at all times. Everything was easier than I thought; I did not have much pain from it. I like the end result, much better. Surgery was easier, I thought I would be in more pain than I was; I really was not in much pain. I wish I had done it much sooner.”

Breast Lift
Aug 2009