“Thanks everyone in OC Cosmetic Surgery Clinique for your wonderful job especially Dr. Tavoussi who changed my life. Since I have had this tummy tuck surgery, I feel much better, have grown self confident and when look at myself in the mirror I truly see my beauty back. The Clinique, staff, and surgeon were all neat, comforting, and supportive at all times.”

Samantha Rion
Tummy Tuck
July 2009

“Preparing for my first major surgery, I was a little nervous about getting a tummy tuck, to say the least. It always bothered me that, after giving birth 4 times to my terrific sons, I had excess loose flesh left over in my abdominal area. I have always been an exercise  fiend and yet 200 daily crunches and frequent Boot Camp sessions could not rid me of that extra skin. I decided to take care of it in the only way my OB-GYN told me would work. A tummy tuck! A dear friend of mine had told me that she had had a tummy tuck done by an incredible doctor named Dr. Tavoussi. I made a decision to meet with him for a consultation, though I was not completely convinced about having a tummy tuck. I also had a hernia that needed repairing so I met with him to discuss that first and foremost.

I am not the kind of person to ‘beat around the bush’ about any issue and I sincerely appreciated Dr. Tavoussi’s honesty and details. He was very straight-forward about what was involved in having a hernia repair. I asked about the tummy tuck and he was very open about what will happen on the morning of the surgery, what I can expect to  experience immediately after as well as a few days after. I agreed to having both procedures done simultaneously. On the morning of the surgery, he greeted me in the hospital and immediately asked how I was doing and if I had any questions. I recall that I was nervous and asked for a delicate butterfly needle for the anesthetic. He and the anesthesiologist, both put me at ease as to what pain I might experience.

At every step of the process, Dr. Tavoussi was considerate of my fears and even got me laughing. His bedside manner is just one of his special qualities. After the surgery, he told me, again, what to expect since he knew I expected myself to be up and exercising in no time. He said I would feel uncomfortable walking as I did before just initially since I probably would not be standing upright for a few days. He was right. I was afraid that I would never standup straight again. He smiled and said that I had nothing to worry about. He said it would be uncomfortable for a while as my body adjusts and heals itself, but that I will be standing upright, going to work and back in the gym as usual. Again, he was right.

I put all my trust in him. I must have called his office and spoke to him 5 or 6 times during that  first week and a half just to hear his reassuring words that what I was feeling was  normal. He recommended a special diet high in protein which I adhered to and found that it really maximized the results. At the 3-week post-surgery check-up I discovered that I  was allowed to go back to the gym! I have since been to see him twice for follow-up  check-ups and he is deeply pleased with how I am healing. I know what he sees is truly good work since all of my family and friends have commented on my ‘rock-hard abs.’ I am so pleased with the results and equally delighted that I chose Dr. Tavoussi to handle this surgery. I cannot imagine having any other professional do it. Thank you, Dr. Tavoussi!”

Tummy Tuck
August 2008